What is e-Enabled Tourism and its Unexplored Opportunities?

What is e-Enabled Tourism and its unexplored opportunities

A hotel booking engine is a must for quality service provision. It is immensely important to understand that the need for online hotel booking cannot be avoided. It is very important to understand that online hotel booking is a vibrant industry with multiple changes. Hotel booking engines are facilitated with multiple services. They allow numerous choices to the end consumers. Most times the leading travel booking systems come integrated with car rental software that allows for one stop booking of hotels and transportation.

The travel and hospitality industry is dependent on tools of customization and hassle free service provision. It also must evolve itself from time to time according to the needs of the consumers. The recent experiment of Uber’s ‘flying car’ is one such example. The travel technology solutions must look for solutions to the public problems. Ease of access to services and safety are some of the key determinants that determine the popularity of a travel booking system. The use of an accurate GPS technology coupled with skilled drivers, automated and error free real time booking facilities, competitive costs and round the clock availability are some of the keys to establishing a successful travel business. Similarly, in the hospitality domain, it is immensely important to provide cost-effective and quality fooding, lodging and recreation. It is a good idea for hoteliers to venture into ancillary services like tour guide provisioning etc. The online medium has a vast potential to tap into these unexplored areas of development of the end customer experience.

The travel technology solutions are in a phase of continuous development. It is interesting to note that with the ever increasing growth of the digital economy and the irreversible changes taking place in the service consumption pattern of the people all over the world, it is internet based travel booking that is set to play a pivotal role in deciding the course of the future development of the travel industry.

Most enhanced travel booking service providers are looking for a travel accounting software to bring the element of tractability into the transactions of the business. It helps to avoid the spill-over costs due to inconsistencies in service provision. Alongside it also helps in maintaining a repository of travelers and the ways in which they plan their tours. This allows for impeccable market research in the travel domain without any additional costs involved. Hotel reservations have become a way of life of the contemporary generation with more and more recreational, business and medical tourism happening to-and-fro across the world. Especially in developing economies like India with a vast potential for attracting destination and health related travel, the value of such services is immense.

An online hotel reservation system adds reliability to the transactions. It obliterates the need of middlemen and with offers like on-boarding payment; it allows a flexibility that was unheard of in the age of manual booking. The importance of online booking increases more in the case of far flung and remote areas that have a bounty of soul appeasing natural beauty but are otherwise cut off from the mainstream travel scene. This mode of travel and tourism allows for an exploration of (and thus revenue for) such regions.

Let us rejoice in the era of E-Enabled tourism.

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