ONtra Provides Online Travel Solutions For All Scale Of Clients With The Latest Technologies

Transforming your online travel business processes is both a challenge and an advantage for the online travel agencies, tour operators, travel business consolidators and travel Software Company. With the majority of the millennial following the technology trends, it is necessary for the travel industry to replace the existing travel services and solutions with an instant, simple and customized online booking engine. The advancement of technology in the travel domain can allow the business owners to easily meet these demands and expectations of customers and also, at the same time increased revenue benefits of the business.
ONtra Provides Online Travel Solutions For All Scale Of Clients With The Latest Technologies
ONtra, a leading provider of travel business solutions to the travel industry  has an expert team who are professionally skilled and has strong technical knowledge. The team’s robust experience helps the clients to provide wide range of online travel services and solutions that best match with the business needs and requirements of individual clients. The expertise best fit with the travel aspirations of travel portal business that is looking out for end-to-end technology solutions.  Our team has innovatively designed customized a powerful online booking engines in the past that has satisfied millions of clients across the globe.

Let us in detail discuss the online travel solutions that our software team has incorporated for the clients, right from large scaled online agencies to small-scaled travel enterprises.

Hotel Management Software solution provided by the Ontra team is considered by clients as one of the best as it has an organized and well-defined booking flow process. This innovative and customized system helps the client’s business to grow rapidly  and improve the existing services with a potentiality to provide enhanced user’s experience. This software includes integration with third party supplier inventory, managing private database of local inventory, supplying back-end alert for booking, order management system to process the transaction and tracking construction budget to actual costs.

Travel accounting system of ONtra is unique, advanced and innovative that provides accounting solutions with advanced technologies. The travel accounting system provides organization structure support, integration layer, accounting for cash and credit scenario, all external interaction to the app using web service etc. The team provides highly secured and customizable travel software for the travel agencies of all sizes.

Online booking engine has been designed by the team for bringing maximum business benefits to the clients at reduced costs. Booking engines for flight, train, hotels, holiday packages, cruises etc are provided by the ONtra team in B2B, B2C and B2E mode. Online booking engine is integrated under single technology platform that can offer high-quality of multiple travel services to clients. It is considered as one of the flagship product that can provide complete online retailing experience to the travel players. Deploying this framework can bring long-term benefits to the business like scalable architecture using open standards and platform independent, travel oriented and future adaptability, integrated travel solutions etc.

In few words, it can be concluded that ONtra is a one stop online travel solution provider to the travel industry.

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